Complete tour of the crater of Vesuvius

Suggested Tour: (Rif. ADV-15801)

There is no better and more exciting to admire and explore VESUVIUS along the entire circumference of the crater.

From the parking area of the thousand mark, on the hill Margherita, begins the ascent to the CRATER of VESUVIUS historical.
Once past the entrance gate it goes up on the back of the Great Cone where a careful observer will notice that under their feet are ash, lapilli and lava last eruption of 1944.

Walking up the path you have a broad overview of the entire gulf of Naples.

Reached the crater, visitors can look out on the edge and read the history in the walls, in the stratigraphy "index of constant mutations", in the overflow, in the activity and explosive collapse in 1944.

Arrived at an altitude of m. 1150 s.l.m., Begins an another path available ONLY to groups of limited number and accompanied by the Volcanological Guides who runs the east rim of the crater through the highest point above sea level in m.1281.
From where you can even go down in an internal part of the crater where the fumaroles signal the presence of considerable heat to a certain depth, a sign of the volcano.
It is water seepage that finding the heat evaporate bringing with sulphurous gases.

Edged up you continue to walk the circumference (after 1500 m) until you reach hut (m.1167 asl) where the trail back to the starting point (m.1000 asl).

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