FIAT 500 Car Vintage ROME Grand Tour

Suggested Tour:  (Rif. ADV-15701)


Take a seat in the most enchanting Italian vintage car for a 4-hours tour of ROME!

The GRAN TOUR OF ROME will take you on a voyage of discovery, allowing you to get up-close and personal with the Eternal City.

It really does add up to an unforgettable experience.
Sit back and let our driver show you ROME as you’ve never seen it before!

With a great sense of style, you’ll bounce your way along the ancient basalt roadways, crossing the enormous squares and revving your way up the famous hills to savour the cupola-dotted panorama that stretches all the way to the Sabine Hills and Mount Terminillo.

We will take you alongside the Aurelian Walls and the River Tiber, passing through ancient, monumental city gates.

We’ll drink from the Roman fountains that to this day provide the city with the best public water supply in Italy.

We’ll visit the AVENTINE HILL and its orange garden, the time-honoured Appian Way and the remains of ancient Roman aqueducts and baths.
You’ll discover places that are way off the tourist trail, because the itinerary has been specifically designed around what this little beauty of a car can do.

The Basic tour in a nutshell: 4 Hours - about 36 KM.
Guide and driver, Vintage Fiat 500, taste espresso coffee or ice cream.

What you will see
• Il Colosseo
• Il colle del Celio e il tempio di Claudio
• S. Pietro
• Castel S. Angelo
• Il colle Aventino e i Cavalieri di Malta
• Il giardino degli aranci
• L'Appia Antica
• Le mura imperiali
• Circo Massimo
• Trastevere
• I bagni termali di Caracalla
• Il colle dei cocci
• Il colle del Giannicolo con le sue viste
• Piazza Venezia

We can arrange private tours with customized itinerary and private guide in English language and the vehicle of your choice, including car or vintage Vespas.