Home to the oldest university in the Western world, BOLOGNA, EMILIA ROMAGNA, is a city with a rich cultural life and a very interesting historical heritage.
Among the most important symbols of BOLOGNA its characteristic arcades, it is considered the city with most arcades in the world or the covered walkways that link roads, towers and palaces, and that only in the center reach a length of about 38 kilometers.

Features of the city are also the towers, which offer tourists the opportunity to admire the wonderful views. Among the most important, GARISENDA TOWER and ASINELLI TOWER, which offers a magnificent view of the city, belonged to a group of a hundred medieval towers, of which there are currently only about twenty copies,

Among other remember ACCURSI or CLOCK TOWER, overlooking PIAZZA MAGGIORE and the AZZOGUIDI TOWER, which is part of the so-called 'triad of medieval skyscrapers' Bologna with Prendiparte Tower and Tower Galluzzi.


To visit, finally, the NATIONAL ART GALLERY, which houses works by artists such as Giotto, Raphael, Carracci,and Archiginnasio of Bologna, center of the ancient University.


In the surroundings of BOLOGNA, the Wine Route and Flavours of the Hills of IMOLA is another pleasant meeting with history, natural beauty and culture of food and wine this territory; through routes that wind in the various municipalities of the province you can visit magnificent cities and enjoy the local products.

If you want to understand why a child is born in EMILIA ROMAGNA when you put away a small barrel of balsamic vinegar that will be open only on the day of his marriage, or if you dream of making a boat trip on the Po Delta and, after returning, eating marinated eel accompanied by the “COPPIA”, a bread only in Europe, then you are in the right place to be curious travelers ideals of the Roads of Wine and Flavours of EMILIA ROMAGNA.

Reference point for lovers of the TRUFFLE is SAVIGNO.  Boasting the title of "Regional Capital of the Truffle" for the particular attention placed in dissemination of the culture of the truffle.

The Festival of the White Truffle of the Colli Bolognesi is the perfect place to learn about this product, taste it and buy it.

The province of BOLOGNA is also the ideal capital for motoring enthusiasts.
In addition to events such as the Motor Show, the IMOLA Circuit annually hosts major car and bike races.

The province of BOLOGNA is a land famous and appreciated by gourmets.
Paradise of the egg pasta which are the most pride of the region, in the streets of the BOLOGNA it is possible to follow the production of tortellini.
Eggpasta are mostly filled pasta, with the exception of noodles, which are distinguished by the ring shape, a hat, candy and with flourishes.
Among the first courses the green lasagna in the oven, seasoned with the famous ragù alla bolognese.
Among the meats, pheasant, duck, wild boar, hare, roasts and stews, sausage from the pig's feet, the various pieces of beef, chicken, veal, language, presented in a fork dipped in hot broth.


The specialties typical of the BOLOGNA area is the mortadella which took the IGP.
An ample nuts, enjoyed as an aperitif, like other meats, sliced fine as a starter or used as an ingredient in fillings.