CORTONA, with its precious buildings, the impressive MEDICI FORTRESS, many churches rich in frescoes and artistic, beautiful squares, ports and features the unmistakable streets, is a little jewel famous around the world, a must for those who cross Tuscany and want to know the most authentic traditions.

Visit the ABBEY OF FARNETA, in Romanesque style, which is home to a rich paleontological museum, and the suggestive Franciscan Hermitage of Celle, where he stopped the Saint in his travels between Assisi, La Verna and Siena. 

Don’t forget to visit:  MAEC (The  Etruscan Academy Museum of the City of Cortona), where it is possible to see many artifacts found in the Etruscan archeological sites in the area.

You can also request additional information about the Archeological Park at the museum.

Nearby you deserve Lake Trasimeno, Monte Amiata and the charming villages of the VAL DI CHIANA.

We remind all that CORTONA is less than 2 hours from 20% of the artistic world and is therefore ideally placed to stay by using it as a base camp of central Italy.

Visiting it is not so "only" go to churches or museums, but also walk the steep streets of the country breathing in the smell of wood smoke from the chimneys used, even today, is to keep warm and to cook it.

Great red wines are made in the area (we are just a few kilometers from MONTEPULCIANO and MONTALCINO) and all of the wine bars offer a wide selection.

There are many restaurants in the city, most offering traditional local and Tuscan cuisine.

The Chianina cattle, one of Italy's oldest, high quality bovine breeds is bred in VAL DI CHIANA,


The Chianina appreciated worldwide not only for the quality of its meat, but also for its history that is intertwined with the origins and life of the inhabitants of this area is an animal of noble appearance, due both to shape harmonious that the purity and whiteness of the robe of considerable size, is the world's largest cattle: the White Giant.