Our Destinations

“Even in the most forgotten and hidden areas of the country you will come across massive amounts of elegance and poetry, architecture and art.

In Italy I like to explore the old and new and see how they intersect. And …. If i had to recommend a place to visit in the world I would not hesitate: It’s Italy”

By Steve Mc Curry (PhotoJournalist)


TURIN “The first italian capital”
Turin, a city rich in history and cultural sites. Visit castles, palaces and museums Savoy. Not to be missed: the National Museum of Cinema...

MILAN “City of opportunities”
Economy and finance, realm of fashion and Italian design. It also has a strong commitment to art cities. Palaces, villas, monuments, buildings...

VENICE “Charme & elegance”
The city of Venice captures all the charm and elegance of a rich lady of yesteryear with grace and affection that welcomes all its visitors.

GENOA “The gate of Europe”
Genoa, the Superb, is a vertical city, airy and squeezed between hills and cliffs: the sea is its destiny.

FLORENCE “Cradle of the Renaissance”
The city where everything is expressed at maximum power: art, culture, fashion, cooking, nature. Florence is a large open-air museum...

UMBRIA  "The green heart of Italy"
The cities seem to have remained the same since the Middle Ages: dormant old buildings, winding streets, small squares where shops present local...

ROME "The eternal city"
Rome is the pearl of Italy, the capital and home to some of the most beautiful treasures of the country. Wander through its streets is like traveling

NAPLES “The capital of the south”             

An authentic jewel of Italy situated on one of the most beautiful bays in the world. It offers an architectural legacy of more than a thousand years...

APULIA “The heel of Italy's boot"                Also known as "Le Puglie" in the plural form, this region contains, in fact, many souls. Apulia is a charming region that can be visited all year round...