VENICE “Charme & elegance”
The city of Venice captures all the charm and elegance of a rich lady of yesteryear with grace and affection that welcomes all its visitors.

Precious, unique, fun, romantic; gem of Italian and Venetian tourist scene, where churches, palaces, ancient bridges, monuments and squares tell the artistic and cultural vivacity that marked and still marks the history of this city. A city, a piece of the world’s patrimony, a name know in the remotest corners of Earth, an unparalleled icon of beauty that anybody would want to visit at least once in a lifetime. Venice knew how to keep a handful of secret spots, which only the least hurried and inattentive can unveil. In its millennial history, many eminent personalities have been fascinated by its churches, its palaces, and the treasures within. The Grand Canal is the world’s most famous waterway, where in the blink of an eye wonders of architecture line up and show ever-changing reflexes of light. Venice is more than a journey, it is an experience you will have to live again and again.

Even now the city still conserves its glorious past, from Piazza San Marco to The Doge’s Palace, via the Jewish Ghetto and the Rialto bridge

Staying in Venice is found the most suitable choice to fully enjoy the atmosphere of the Venetian city.
However, Venice is not all that Veneto has to offer.

Many of the other cities that surround Venice are beautiful and rich in historical heritage.

"Living in Venice or simply visiting it means FALLING IN LOVE with it and your heart has no more place left for anything else".
Peggy Guggenheim (1898-1979)- American art collector.


City of love par excellence, music, theater and opera, Verona, now capital of the St. Valentine's Day and lovers from all over Italy, is full of masterpieces.
If you love someone, you bring in Verona ... because Verona is the city of love!
Already Shakespeare set here the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet: history's most famous and beloved of all time.
The locations of the two lovers, Juliet's house with the famous balcony, her tomb and the house of Romeo, are today among the obligatory steps of those who visit the city.
Made famous by Shakespeare as the site of the dispute between the Montagues and the Capulets in his tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, with its Roman Arena, its ancient houses and museums;
Verona is a city that lives through art and the many emotions that it causes. Walking through the palaces, churches and squares will be a journey that will lead in the story, while on the whole will feel the love of the unhappy tormented Shakespearean lovers. The majestic Arena is found in the very central Piazza Bra, the Roman amphitheater that for decades has hosted the prestigious summer opera season. The Barbieri Building and the Building of the Gran Guardia overlook the "liston", the large sidewalk that follows the line of the square. The other noble buildings of this square frequented by the locals and tourists from around the world.
Verona, as well as being rich in monuments and historical city, has become over the years also an attraction for shopping.
It is in fact a Natural Shopping Centre, a real open air gallery, with countless shops and activities, included in a historical context of great importance. The downtown streets are home to several realities, including historical shops, shops of the most prestigious brands of clothing, souvenir shops and taverns characteristics.
The historic and famous shopping street and the promenade is Via Mazzini, which, since it was opened in age Visconti connects Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza Bra.

What to see in Vicenza?   In the footsteps of Palladio through Vicenza
The city offers visitors a wide range of interesting attractions. Few other Italian cities have been shaped and molded by one man as Vicenza. Andrea Palladio, the famous architect and pioneer of classicism, he left his works and buildings throughout Vicenza, and far beyond the city walls and national boundaries. So, do not miss the Basilica Palladiana in Piazza dei Signori, the many fine buildings along the Corso Andrea Palladio, walk this way actually means to have on their curious eyes of tourists some of the most important places of the city of Vicenza,  the Teatro Olimpico and the Basilica of Monte Berico or the Villa Rotonda, located a little 'out of the city center. The proud home of the architect Andrea Palladio who created a new style, the Palladianism, which he utilized throughout the building of the city and which influenced the architecture of the entire world. 

Better known as the city of St. Anthony, Padua is one of the major art cities in Italy, characterised by 3000 years of history.
Is a journey into the past and in the present, amongst ancient history, traditions and art. Padua is a city full of beauty, and this can be seen in places like the restored Building of Reason and the Loggia of the Carraresi family that bears witness to the splendor of the Carraresi rule, in the Chapel of the Scrovegni with its precious frescoes by Giotto, in sculptures by Donatello or in the more modern lines of the Libeskinds monument.
Today, this creative and dynamic city is alive with markets, piazzas, refined restaurants, old osterias, and tables of the historical bars like Caffè Pedrocchi or the fashionable venues where the locals meet for the ritual of the aperitif. 

The passenger boat operator by our Partner "I Battelli del Brenta®" (The boats of the Brenta Canal) provide enjoyable guided public cruises, from Venice to Padua or viceversa, along the Brenta Canal (Riviera del Brenta), visiting some of the Venetian Villas, summer residences of the 16th century, with stops at the monumental palaces with its legendary frescoes.
Once along this waterway sailed the “burchielli”, boats that carried the Venetian nobleman.
A daily cruise from 09.00 to 18.00 proposes navigation, stops and the visit to three Venetian Villas and the guide; the lunch, in a restaurant on the is optional on restaurant.
Special short cruises and half day public and private group programs are available. 

does not need too many presentations: it is a small jewel suspended in the middle of the lower LAKE GARDA.
The old town is at the northern end of a long, narrow peninsula, and also exists as an island, since it was isolated from the mainland by a navigable moat, which is exceeded by only one access road, a bridge.
The old town retains a medieval urban structure, with narrow streets and irregular.
They are not to be missed:
THE CASTLE. Moreover, it goes without saying: it is impossible not to realize how great it is, coming into the country it is impossible not to notice ...
THE GROTTE DI CATULLO. This is also a very gettonata goal, and it's worth it.