GENOA “The gate of Europe”
Genoa, the Superb, is a vertical city, airy and squeezed between hills and cliffs: the sea is its destiny.

The city’s strong link to its own history is shown by contrasts and mixtures unthinkable  anywhere else: different cultures have mingled here for at least thousand years. The results are visible In the city’s urban structure and the character of its residents, rough and generous, in an apparently incoherent way. The alleyways lead the tourist astray at every single step, following the smell of focaccia or being seduced by rich and imposing 15th century “palazzi”, captured by the moving beauty of the city’s views with slate roofs, cranes, blue sea and sky.

The Cinque Terre is an area 14 km long stretching along the coast line included between cape Montenero and cape Mesco.
These five small villages are connected to one another through a path whose most famous stretch is known as Lover’s Lane, going between the villages of Riomaggiore and Manarola. In 1997 the Cinque Terre was declared a Unesco World Heritage site. In 1999 were also declared a National Park, defined “Man’s Park” as the landscape was shaped by its inhabitants in centuries of hard work with the creation of terraces – called cian in local dialect – embraced by 7,000 kilometers of dry-stone walls. The terraces are used to cultivate olive groves and vineyards.
Small fortresses still remind us of the dangers coming from the sea and the economic importance of these small villages, established starting from the 11th century by people coming from the inland areas.
Each village gives the opportunity of visiting monuments and mansions which still preserve ancient furnitures and host famous museums and interesting cultural events.

the City of Flowers, known all over the world, with lush gardens, colorful flowerbeds and tropical plants that thrive in city parks.
The most famous building is the Municipal Casino, built in 1905, uncontested reign of the fans of the green tables, roulette, and slot machines.
SANREMO, is waiting to discover its beauty, stay in a hotel and enjoy the Ligurian cuisine in its restaurants.

Liguria is in north-western Italy, bordering with France. The region features impressive mountains and lovely rolling hills, colored by the green Mediterranean turf and overlooking the Ligurian Sea. The two are divided by a high, indented coastline.
Nature, mountains, culture, entertainment and night life: all one has to do is choose.
Liguria is commonly distinguished between the Riviera di Levante, which stretches from the Gulf of Genoa and La Spezia, and between the Riviera di Ponente, which stretches from Genoa to Ventimiglia, the border with France. The two areas have a very different look, the east coast is characterized by cliffs overlooking the sea and a rich vegetation of plants, in it are popular and famous locations like Camogli, Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, Lerici, Portovenere and Cinque Terre with his beautiful location. The Riviera di Ponente, also known by the name "Riviera of flowers" stretches between Genoa and the French border and is characterized by a mild climate, a Mediterranean vegetation and coastline with sandy beaches. This area is rich in testimony prehistoric.

So close to ITALY as welcoming the FRENCH RIVIERA is full of all the right ingredients for a perfect holiday: blue sea, good food, bustling cities full of night life, white beaches, mountain villages and many places of art and archeology .
All this and much more is the FRENCH RIVIERA.
Though the PRINCIPALITY OF MONACO a tiny country, there are lots of monuments and places to see. You are enthusiast and impatient to discover all these tresures as you decide :
CANNES is famous for the most popular event of the Riviera, the International Film Festival
The long beaches crowded by the clear sea, the shopping streets, the Palais de Festival, the Croisette, the parade of celebrities, the allée des Étoile de cinéma or the road with the "footprints" of the hands of celebrities.
NICE is a vibrant and exciting that can satisfy all needs.
Promenade des Anglais is the most famous promenade of the Riviera.