TURIN “The first italian capital”
Turin, a city rich in history and cultural sites. Visit castles, palaces and museums Savoy. Not to be missed: the National Museum of Cinema...

...inserted in the wonderful setting of the Mole Antonelliana, symbol of Turin and which, with its 167 meters makes it the highest museum in the world; the Egyptian Museum, second in importance after the one in Cairo; the renewed Automobile Museum which now boasts an exhibition very scenic and a car collection is unique in Europe.

Visit the historic center of Turin is to discover the beautiful squares, baroque palaces and go shopping streets; the city is famous for its 18 km of arcades, built from the sixteenth and under which you can find everything from antique shops to shops with the big names of the Made in Italy as well as the historical cafés of the city.   

Alba is a triumph of colours: in the old town, the mediaeval reds of the terracotta friezes, the strong-houses and the bricks of the churches gleam alongside the pastel shades given a new lease of life by skilful renovations; while all around, the hills offer up quite unforgettable scenery in a colourful array of hues that change with the seasons.
The atmosphere is particularly magical in autumn: this is the time of the Fair and the sparkling banners of the Palio, and of the “Truffle Market” and the unique aroma of the precious tubers on display

Asti is the heart of Piedmont, in the beautiful hills of the Langhe and Monferrato UNESCO.
Asti is one of the most beautiful cities of Piedmont. Walking through the streets and alleys of the old town we find many examples of Roman, Lombard and especially medieval, reflecting the enormous political and economic power reached from the city between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. But Asti is best known for its wines: in addition to Champagne, known throughout the world, stand Malvasia, Brachetto and Barbera. Many of the exhibitions that are held every year in the city are just dedicated to wine and food products of excellence.

Hilly stretches as far as the eye can see, on which ancient villages and castles are perched, a succession of gentle slopes planted with vines the rows of which make geometric shapes: this is the magnificent scenery of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, which has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
These strips of land that extend into lively shapes, modulated by the changing of the seasons, represent the outstanding quality of the Piedmont landscape and its profound and living culture of wine.
These areas produce wines of international quality and excellence - such as Barolo, Barbaresco,Asti Spumante and Barbera d'Asti - made thanks to a rich heritage of knowledge and techniques, based on the deep knowledge of the vines cultivated here for centuries (Nebbiolo, Moscato Bianco, Barbera).

VENARIA REALE, just outside TURIN, is a masterpiece of architecture and landscape that offers visitors several experiences, exibitions and a calendar full of events.
Designed and built between 1658 and 1679 on the plans of architect Amedeo di Castellamonte, the Reggia di Venaria (Venaria Royal Palace) is one of the principle Savoy residences in Piedmont. The Venaria complex, now a UNESCO world heritage site, was commissioned by Duke Carlo Emanuele II as a base for hunting in the surrounding area. Visiting the Reggia di Venaria means admiring works coming from the collections of other Savoy residences, viewing exhibitions of international importance, walking through the reconstructed Italian Gardens and experiencing the wonder and magnificence of Baroque architecture, video installations by Peter Greenaway and contemporary sculpture in the “Giardino delle sculture fluide” (Garden of fluid sculpture) by Giuseppe Penone. The Venaria Reale also offers a rich and ever-changing calendar of events, performances and games.

Piedmont is a region rich in history and natural beauty.
Visitors to Piedmont have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich history of the city of Turin and to explore the National Park of Gran Paradiso. Major Lake with its Borromee islands, where prestigious Italian gardens and the opulent Borromeo’s family palaces are situated, is another of Piedmont's most beautiful spots.
The region offers a variety of cultural events, sport activities and, of course, a luscious cuisine.
You will wake up and admire the Borromean Islands from a luxury 4 / 5 * hotel room nearby Maggiore Lake. You might enjoy a sailing boat cruise, or tasting some wines from Piedmont, or having a romantic dinner on the Fisherman's Island. You can choose to play golf or hiking in the mountains or shopping in one of the most famous luxury outlets, "The Place". Otherwise, you might meet some local producers of cheeses, meats, truffles, wines and craft beers.
If you love history, art, culture, Piedmont can satisfy all your desires.

The region with the highest peaks and the largest glaciers in Italy, hills covered with vineyards, dotted with villages and castles.
Ponds, rice fields and old farms are typical scenarios of the plains.
Discoveries and surprises of all kinds await visitors, including a large selection of food and wine that will satisfy all tastes.

Lying between two rivers and surrounded by majestic mountains, AOSTA is a concentrate of history enriched by picturesque traditions.
In addition to offering beautiful walks in the historic and pleasant visits to monumental sites, the city is also the starting point for tourist routes in the Valley to discover an unspoilt and picturesque castles.

Among the many and wonderful places in the AOSTA VALLEY, Courmayeur is one of the largest ski resorts.
Nestled in a beautiful natural basin to over a thousand meters above sea level and dominated by the magnificent scenery of Mont Blanc.

YOU CAN NOT MISS: The crossing by cableway, With SkyWay will be immersed in a breathtaking thanks to 360 ° rotating cabin and futuristic 3 stations with bars, restaurants and entertainment services, will reach almost to the tip of Mont Blanc. the highest mountain in Europe.

Time seems to stand still, the desire not to leave more the immensity offered by this view is so much ... 

The eighth wonder of the world is near.