Come to GENOA: we do the rest !

GENOA is an ideal destination for a short break of relaxation, culture and leisure.

Too bad that travelers most often, through the hastily favoring other locations of Liguria, such as Cinque Terre or Portofino, or the nearby French Riviera, thus losing the opportunity to discover a city rich in history, hidden treasures, interesting corners.

So, walking around the city you can admire noble palaces and ancient churches, getting lost in the maze of narrow streets (carroggi) is organized at the heart of the old town, visit interesting museums, leave you surprised by the symbols of the new GENOA, towards the future but superb custodian of a past ever present.

Once at the hotel you can venture out to explore a city that will not surprise you for its contrasts:
the MARINA and the MERCHANT, the GLASS SKYSCRAPERS and MEDIEVAL TOWERS, BUSINESS CENTERS and the VILLAGES of FISHERMEN remained intact, the hills and beaches, and many tips to not leave without seeing the most beautiful sunset over the harbor and the best tasting local focaccia.

Other suggestions?

Around the boat in Porto, the city tour by private car or if you have children by train Pippo, and visit to the children City, the Sea Museum and the Museums of Via Garibaldi,

you can visit the largest maritime museum in the Mediterranean, where you can experience the thrill of entering the largest Italian submarine in open water becoming the first ship museum.


The visit to the Aquarium, the Museum Liguria Style Center for Crafts Ligure, where you can discover the secrets of the pesto, oil, and many other products typical of Liguria region.

When we talk about cooking and good food even things have discounted their value, then to Genoa we can not help but recommend, first of all, a good plate of pasta with pesto, and then, a good piece of focaccia. That 's right, the specialties of Genoa are these two.

The focaccia is prepared in many ways: with olives, onion, cheese, sage and so on.

Also filled pasta is a product typical of the city such as ravioli and traditional pansotti, stuffed eggs, beets and cottage cheese.