PERUGIA, from the top of its two hills, dominating the landscape around UMBRIA.
Its beautiful terraces open wonderful views: ASSISI, the rolling hills of TRASIMENO or steep mountains in the direction of GUBBIO.

Discover the old town with our private guide for you soo mean to experience history: Etruscan times, through the triumph of the medieval and Renaissance to get up to the contemporary age.

PERUGIA is a city of many facets, which offers tourists many and varied opportunities to visit, City of chocolate. 

It is a young city and multiethnic UNIVERSITY for foreigners and UMBRIA Jazz (usually in July) but is also a city whose monumental beauty enchants visitors of all ages.

Enjoy the bars and shops of CORSO VANNUCCI and arrived at the end venture out to visit the ROCCA PAOLINA, a veritable fortress that was built by POPE PAUL III after the sack of Rome.
Its construction necessitated the destruction of more than a hundred houses but also of monasteries and churches. It 'was the symbol of authority and power of the Pope until 1860, the year of the annexation to the Kingdom of Italy.
Under the soil of PERUGIA there is a city still older than that which can be seen remaining on the surface: a hidden world where caving and archeology intertwine with the story unfolds and where, in the eyes of visitors a wealth of valuable treasures but very often absolutely ignored.    AN EXPERIENCE THAT WE RECOMMEND.

Armed with shoes because you walk in PERUGIA, and is on top of one of the many climbs that will conquer the heart of the city, Piazza IV Novembre, where you can not but be amazed and admire the famous FONTANA MAGGIORE.
Near the FONTANA MAGGIORE, in Piazza Danti, do not miss the ETRUSCAN WELL, incredible hydraulic work built 300 years before the birth of Christ and perfectly integrates coming down underground to 37 meters deep.
Currently the POZZO is feasible thanks to a system of steps that allow you to go down to the deepest point.

Walking the streets of the city, it is easy to find many shops and workshops selling local handicrafts.
You can, as well, take home some ceramic characteristic or some fabric from UMBRIA.
Just the art of weaving, established in PERUGIA in the fourteenth century, is very present in the city and the fabrics produced here are considered the best in Italy.
Do not miss activities related to glass, wood and jewelery.


The kitchen PERUGIA a is linked to traditional UMBRIA cuisine, for this is simple, genuine and quality. Hams, salami, cheeses and meats are the real stars of the boards.