Made in Italy is an expression that recalls the image of high-quality Italian products throughout the world. The reason behind this expression’s fame?

Made in Italy is, by now, an authentic brand symbolizing the excellence of Italian artisanship and manufacturing.


Many artisanal and industrial manufacturers guarantee Made in Italy status and origins with internationally-recognized labels, such as DOC wines (Denomination of Controlled Origin), DOP or PDO cheeses (Denomination of Protected Origin), and many others that regard textiles, decor and furnishings and fashion accessories, protected by licenses and copyrights assuring their singularity. 

And of course, hardly anyone can return home without taking with them at least one memento to remind them of their exciting discovery of Made in Italy.


Boutiques and Outlets await you and our driver will steer you in the right places. Possibility of having assistance of specialized personal shopper, with personalized and exclusive itineraries. Go shopping in the shadow of the Milan’s Duomo, Via Monte  Napoleone, Via della Spiga, walks in Rome between walls full of history of the Roman Empire or the streets of Florence known for leather goods and footwear.


TIP: Even if you know you didn't spend enough to warrant it being worth your effort or if you are not sure they do it, you ask for it anyway.