LAKE GARDA is the largest of the Italian lakes. Glacial, occupies a long, wide gulf between west LOMBARDY, VENETO and TRENTINO east north. The scenery is enchanting: a succession between the deep blue waters and green hues of the Mediterranean vegetation.
The number of tourists is ancient and witness the many villas, lush gardens, hotels and promenades of various banks.
Many are in fact references to the history and culture when visiting the lake shores dotted with villages, castles, monasteries and old towns full of monuments and museums.

Do not miss a trip to SIRMIONE, past the moat on the drawbridge we enter the fortified town of SIRMIONE.

Located at the tip of a narrow peninsula of LAKE GARDA, the place is a renowned spa town since Roman times and is supervised by the mighty Rocca Scaligera, surrounded by water.

Where you will find the archaeological site of the GROTTE DI CATULLO, the poet who sang SIRMIONE, are an archaeological site on the extreme tip of the peninsula.
Among the many buildings with spectacular gardens well worth a visit the majestic VITTORIALE, home of Gabriele D'Annunzio, who is in GARDONE RIVIERA, a country full of Art Nouveau architecture, which is also the botanical garden André Heller, with over 2,000 varieties of plants.



The lake and its hinterland are suitable for all sports: swimming and sailing in the lake above, and then to climb mountains, mountain-biking, trekking routes and trails for riding, heights from which to launch with the hang gliding and rivers for rafting.