We can arrange for you the most beautiful natural excursions by bike, foot, Vespa or Lambretta, hot ballooning, jeep to visit the marble quarries, horseback immersed in landscapes of extraordinary beauty, and always and in complete safety.


HOT-AIR BALOONThe magic of ballooning is incredible. Forests, ancient villages, vineyards, lakes and hills, unique scenery from a new perspective. A truly original experience.    



HORSE RIDINGMountains, lakes, forests, clean air, rivers: what better enviroments for an excursion on horseback or to try for the first time to ride, maybe together with your children, riding ponies and horses are trained specifically for them. 


VINTAGE TOUR DRIVING VESPA O LAMBRETTA --ravel through the most beautiful roads in Italy. We can follow you or you can choose one of the routes we created even without our presence. Ready to drive a dream? 



TREKKINGThe trips that you can do are endless and each had great history - nature - landscape - fauna. There are many routes of varying difficulty and physical effort which can approach any person, from the younger to the older person.  




GOLFInsight Italy Tours offers exclusive holidays at Golf Resort & Spa with swimming pools and Health Club that will make your stay enjoyable, where you can enjoy a day in the outdoors and spend pleasant and relaxing moments practicing yours favorite sport in a green field. 


MARBLE CAVE OFF-ROADVisit the marble caves of Carrara aboard an 4WD vehicle is a unique emotion. Enjoy along winding roads and steep the charm of places inaccessible to most visitors.

Highly skilled drivers and guides will take you up to 1,000 meters above sea level, in a great scenery, providing detailed explanations of ancient and modern methods of extraction, in direct contact (weekdays ) with the cave’s workers who perform the cutting of a "bank" or while charging huge blocks of marble on trucks.

RAFTINGA perfect opportunity to spend pleasant days in contact with stunning landscapes, having fun with friends and experiencing emotions that you will always carry with you.


BE CAREFUL OF ..........

We are always careful not to forget of your total security that's why we rely on specialized partners and the presence of experienced and qualified staff always on the boat with you.

Beside, you'll find some ideas that can be customized on your needs.