TURIN, first capital of the Kingdom of Italy from 1861 to 1865.
the best way to discover Turin ...
take a tour of the historic center such as museums and foundations that reconstruct its history and reveal the artistic and cultural.
Turin is a city of many faces. Ancient Savoy capital, cradle of the Renaissance, an industrial capital city of art and culture, polo innovation. With its immense inherited from centuries of history, and the dynamism of a city open to the world, the capital of Piedmont offers visitors the perfect combination of architectural treasures and monuments, museums (over 40), art galleries, entertainment, much good food, internationally renowned events such as the Book Fair, one of the Taste and the Turin Film Festival.
The Mole Antonelliana, the Egyptian Museum, the Royal Residences, the Holy Shroud, the pralines are just some of the treasures of the city on the banks of the Po, travel destination must for those who want to know the splendor of his glorious past going to the discovery of its masterpieces, participate in its vibrant cultural life made of art exhibitions and festival, not to mention the pleasure of wandering through its markets or take a break in one of the many historical cafés.

In Turin gourmets can rest easy. That Turin is in fact, a kitchen full of dishes and flavors. Excellent products, specialty extraordinary preparations succulent make Turin the heart of Piedmontese cuisine. It starts from the starters (salami, veal with tuna sauce, vegetables accompanied by the famous breadsticks), you continue with the first courses: agnolotti (stuffed pasta with meat) served with the sauce of braised or butter and sage, and tajarin, fresh pasta long and thin, topped with white truffle sauce or offal.
And then with the main courses: meat (boiled, braised in Barolo accompanied by various sauces), cheese (robiole, tome) and the famous wet caôda, or the sauce made do oil, anchovies and garlic in which you dip raw or cooked vegetables . Following sumptuous desserts made with chocolate as the bonèt cocoa and macaroons, cakes and chocolate hazelnut Gianduja. All accompanied by great red wines (Barolo, Dolcetto, Barbera just to name a few), magnificent whites (Arneis, Moscato) and sweet sparkling and dry. And finally liqueurs and digestives: vermouth (wine mixed with herbs and spices) and grappa resulting from many grapes, especially the Barolo.

Turin is also an ideal starting point to discover the province and the region that are at hand thanks to the extensive road, rail and bicycle, which connect the city to the surrounding area. A wide range of sustainable opportunities and also fun to test: in Turin, in fact, you can use some of the most exclusive alternative transport of Italy, some even almost unique in the world, more authentic classics of the capital.

The lift of the Mole Antonelliana to the boats on the river Po, from 'tourist bus to the Sassi-Superga rack tramway, visitors will have the perfect starting points for a visit creative and original (which is beyond the traditional clichés of the tourist movements).

Wrap yourself up too exciting atmosphere of the town!