VERONA, the city of lovers, become a legend throughout the world, thanks to the places where eternal relives the story of two star-crossed lovers ROMEO & JULIET.
A story written by Vicenza Luigi da Porto in the sixteenth century and circulated throughout Europe until, arrived in England, Shakespeare made him an immortal VERONA a making it one of the most loved and most visited in the world.

Sure, VERONA, is the city of Romeo and Juliet ...
A visit to the famous balcony can sometimes be an opportunity to discover more: art, history, music, theater, great wines, cuisine and much more.

Business hub is PIAZZA DELLE ERBE, which stands on the site where the Romans founded the Forum.

This square represents the synthesis of various historical periods, as evidenced by its fourteenth-century buildings, including the Casa dei Mercanti, painted facades of houses Mazzanti and the fountain of Madonna Verona with the central statue from Roman times.

Wandering the streets and alleys of VERONA is passed quickly by large Roman monuments such as the ARENA, (temple of Opera) in the remains of structures early medieval, Romanesque and Gothic churches, Baroque palaces, neoclassical buildings and nineteenth-century fortifications with gates, bastions and ramparts.

At dusk, with the first shadows of the evening or at night, VERONA becomes even more beautiful and charming, and is charged with a rare charm.


VERONA by night is a guided tourist route to discover the nooks and views that with the lights of the city become magic.

A unique path for those who are willing to stop at least one night in VERONA.

The walk will then take a break or stop in one of the bars or taverns where you can enjoy one of the many locally produced wines.