VICENZA, a city to live in every detail, to discover the alley to alley, to be admired from the first moment.
One of the most beautiful places in the Veneto and Italy, where the architecture blends perfectly with the urban structure: buildings, houses, monuments and churches harmoniously contribute to the splendor of the city.
The artistic history of VICENZA is closely linked to the creative genius of Andrea di Pietro della Gondola, said the PALLADIO, an architect admired worldwide.
There are two criteria that allowed the inclusion of VICENZA in the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 1994: contributions to the history of data from PALLADIO and the perfect integration of architecture and urban planning, a model for all of Europe modern and contemporary art.
The city of VICENZA offers a new, interesting attraction to its tourists and visitors.

The PALLADIAN BASILICA, a masterpiece of the Renaissance and World Heritage Site, is now home to the MUSEUM of JEWELRY, the first museum in Italy and one of the few in the world, completely dedicated to the goldsmith and jeweler.

The JEWELLERY MUSEUM allows the general public to make a journey through the history of these precious, set in the scenery of the Basilica that is part of the civic museums Vicenza and that includes art exhibitions and architecture.

The UNESCO recognition achieved in 1994, was extended in 1996 to also 24 PALLADIAN villas that are located in the countryside and in small towns of the VENETO.

Ville extraordinary made for noble families (Barbato, Corner, Emo, Grimani and Foscari) and soon become an architectural model of reference outside of Italy.

Among these we can not fail to mention VILLA ALMERICO CAPRA called LA ROTONDA, one of the most celebrated buildings of architectural history of the modern age.

Are all buildings where elegance is combined with functionality: it is magnificent mansions built as residences for clients with adjacent real work environments, surrounded by cultivated fields and vineyards, with warehouses, stables, deposits and areas for farmers as the barns.