Cast Iron Steak Press 1.45 kg for Grill Pan BIOL 21 x 21 cm

Long lasting Weight 1.45 kg In original packaging Since 2013, ?BIOL? company started the production of the cast iron cookware, and uses recent developments in the foundry - permanent mould casting. The company constantly modernises and improves the level of production process, thereby provides the highest quality of products. Except of external aesthetics BIOL company cares for functionality and usability of the cookware in use. What distinguishes our utensil from analogues. This is the cast body, removable wooden handle, colourful gift package, and the most importantly - the highest quality of each product. Almost all cast iron utensils of TM Biol go through seasoning process (heat treatment in oil). In this case, a thin, porous coat of iron oxide is covered the surface that provides rust resistant and some non-stick properties.

Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 4 centimetres (1.6 kg)

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