Suggested Tour: (RIF. FW-15401)

You will discover the delicious Italian regional food and wine of the province of TREVISO, one most famous wine regions of North-East of Italy, the VALDOBBIADENE.
Nestled in the rolling hills and luxuriant vineyards, the VALDOBBIADENE can welcome its tourists with a harmony of colors, flavors and fragrances unforgettable.
In this little city were memory of the past and living present are intertwined is immediate to be conquered by the almost mountain landscape, green, fresh and rich of spectacular landscapes, at the foot of the Alps (the Dolomites), and this is where the famous Prosecco wine comes from.
Visit Prosecco Cellars and Wine Tasting.
Departures from VENICE by your private driver/guide and reach the town of Revine Lake,
nestled between Lake of San Giorgio and Lake of Santa Maria where you will enjoy spectacular views of the Alps.
The most requested Italian wine route in the world. A golden nectar guarded among the rolling hills of TREVISO..
Beautiful scenery which lies between CONEGLIANO and VALDOBBIADENE: coming from the plain begins to sense the majesty of the Dolomites, you can see the solemnity of the history of ancient castles, absorbs the spiritual peace of churches and abbeys, admiring the luxury villas and and patrician houses.

Continue to CASTEL BRANDO, the magnificent 18th century castle above the ancient hamlet of Cison di Valmarino and reach The ABBEY of FOLLINA, a small Renaissance town famed for its silk and wool.

Explore the place of origin, know the the producer, visit the vineyard and finally taste the wine in a traditional wine cellar, tasting local delicacies while an expert explains the different stages of processing: it is an experience of strong emotion that many people are getting closer,  and what are you waiting ??? Try with us.

The journey becomes a privileged opportunity to immerse themselves, drifting from the senses.

You can continue your journey and experience staying in a castle with a nice spa where you can relax, or continue on to other destinations in the VENETO region, such as VERONA, PADUA, or aim at CORTINA to experience emotions at high altitude, at the foot of the Ampezzo Dolomites UNESCO where summer is tinged with all the colors of summer.

Shivering outdoor sports more adrenaline to the tranquility of a day on the shores of the crystal-clear lakes, small SPA outdoors, where they may rest body and spirit or proceed to other destinations,

we are at your disposal.

Enjoy a wine tasting.


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